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Converting a PDF document to a multipage TIFF file is practical when archiving documents in content management systems that do no support PDF documents.The following settings are available for the Convert PDF service.The following settings are available for the Encryption service.

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The number of seconds that the underlying transaction provider should wait before rolling back a transaction that is wrapping this operation.

This value will be ignored if an existing transaction context is propagated. When the Distiller service is deployed, this number is used to determine the number of service implementation instances that are created and allocated to the free pool awaiting invocation requests.

When selected, barcode images are scanned vertically from top to bottom. Deselect an option only if you are certain that no barcodes appear that way on your forms.) invokes a subset of Adobe Central Pro Output Server (Central) functionality, which includes the JFMERGE, JFTRANS, and XMLIMPORT commands.

Central Migration Bridge service operations allow you to reuse the following Central assets in AEM forms: The default portion of the path in the Documentum repository for storing the Asset Link object.

It enables users to design, manage, monitor, and optimize human-centric processes.

Content Services (Deprecated) support ends on 12/31/2014. To know about configuring Content Services (Deprecated), see Administering Content Services.

This property is useful if you tend to create many recordings and you want to remove old recordings automatically. The maximum number of data entries that can be stored for each recording.

Data entries are information about operations in the process.

You can configure the following properties of the Audit Workflow Service service (The maximum number of recordings that are stored.

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