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His last post on Twitter of him calling her his girlfriend was on 10 Caption: Artie’s mother and his ex-fiance Adrienne out on a lunch together with Adrienne.

The reason why we think that they aren’t together anymore is Adrienne is reportedly dating another man as of August 13, 2016. There is no further news of Artie’s and Adrienne’s relationship from Artie’s side so we figured that they might have broken up already.

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They were dating since 2009 and Artie looked as though he had finally found a reason to live after his suicide attempt by stabbing himself 9 times in the past.

Artie even took it to his show to announce their engagement.

We wonder if they still talk to each other at least.

Artie Lange was also rumored to be dating celebrities like Kristy Williams, Dana Circoni, etc. Artie might have just recovered from his broken heart when he was arrested back on May 17 Artie was given a court date of June 7 but it looks like Artie dug himself into an even deeper problem by missing the hearing.

American comedian, actor, author, and host Artie Lange was born on October 11, 1967.

His birthplace is Livingston, New Jersey where he was raised by mother Judy (née Caprio) and father Arthur Lange.

He says that he missed his hearing because of the communication gap between him and his lawyer.

There were also rumors that he is being fired because of the drugs from his show called “Crashing” aired by HBO.

Artie followed her to the spot and yelled at her, Artie was arrested by police in France for the act, and he fueled it even more by trying to punch them.

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