What is the dating age law in louisiana

The decision makes Louisiana the only state in the nation with a drinking age under 21.

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The exact restrictions in effect depend on the age of the minor, and are designed to ensure that work does not interfere with the minor's schooling.

Working hour restrictions limit how many hours a minor may work per day, and per week.

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Louisiana has always been known for two reasons: its resistance to intrusion by the federal government and its love of liquor.

For Minors Under 16: Maximum hours/days when school is not in session: 8 hours daily / 40 hours weekly/ 6 days weekly.

Maximum hours/days when school is in session: 3 hours daily/ 18 hours weekly.

The minimum drinking age will technically remain at 21 until the request is considered, according to Rusty Jabour, public information officer for the Louisiana attorney general's office.

Jabour said his office has been notifying citizens and bar owners that the minimum age is still 21 during this transitional period.

The crime entitled “prohibited sexual contact between educator and student” can be found at La. Here are some important legal definitions as these words pertain to the statute: means any administrator, coach, instructor, paraprofessional, student aide, teacher, or teacher aide at any public or private school, assigned, employed, or working at the school or school system where the victim is enrolled as a student on a full-time, part-time, or temporary basis. A person convicted of this crime shall register as a Sex Offender with the state for 15 years, to be conducted annually. Carpenter is a dedicated to defending those accused of sex crimes.

.4 The statute makes it illegal for a teacher to have sexual intercourse, commit a lewd act or touche the anus or genitals of a student who is 17 years of age or older, but less than 21 years of age, where there is an age difference of greater than 4 years between the two persons, when the victim is a student at the school where the educator is assigned, employed, or working at the time of the offense.

The certificate must be acquired by the minor and presented to their employer to verify their ability to work before they are hired.

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