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Flagging an innocent program as malicious is known as giving a false positive, and it’s an important metric to think about when choosing antivirus software. Well, if your antivirus mistakenly identifies a file as a threat, it will treat it as malicious, which will probably involve quarantining the file or removing it entirely.In many cases, this will harm the functionality of the software the file belongs to and may render the application unusable.Emsisoft proves that surf protection can be done without trashing the SSL security concept.

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Ideally, you want to find antivirus software that strikes the sweet spot between a good detection rate and a low number of false positives.

Excellent protection rates are only part of the equation.

Signature-based scanners are great for detecting known threats (that is, malware that has been seen before), but they’re very ineffective when it comes to dealing with zero day attacks (brand new malware).

New outbreaks typically hit the globe within minutes and can potentially infect millions of machines before an antivirus vendor can even think about releasing a signature update.

With more than a quarter of a million new malicious programs being detected every single day, it’s painfully clear that everybody needs the protection of a good antivirus product.

However, choosing the best antivirus software in 2018 is easier said than done.While simple product usage telemetry is usually anonymized, some products may also upload suspicious files from your computer to the vendor’s scanning cloud.You need to be able to fully trust that the vendor will handle your files responsibly, ethically and securely.You can safely cross the antivirus software off your list if it doesn’t meet the following criteria…When it comes down to it, the most important factor when choosing antivirus software is how well it can protect your system against both known and unknown threats.While antivirus software doesn’t necessarily have to sport a beautiful UI, it should still be easy to use for both tech-savvy and casual users.

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