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You'll also find videos, screenshots and additional tips n' info to help point out the location of hard-to-find objectives.Check out our impressive collection of GTA IV Stunt Jumps, GTA IV Story Missions and GTA IV: The Lost and Damned Story Missions. If any ol' rustbucket just won't do, we've got you covered.

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The following links should not lead to the actual websites, but Wikia articles on that topic.

Niko is unable to use social networking sites, only communicating through his standard email.

Who knows how much time and effort you might waste if you create an account at an unreliable dating service full of fake profiles!

We did our best to avoid such danger, so no scammers are allowed at Kovla.

This is a list of in-game websites accessible on the in , , and .

These are not real websites but most of the domains are owned by and redirects to the official GTA IV website in real life.

It is interesting to know that these nice traits of character are also common for Belarusian and Ukrainian women.

They are also considered to be more approachable and easy-going than an average Western woman.

They are also thinking how to get a reliable partner who really wants a family and loves children.

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