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It then put the i Phone in a loop where it was rebooting repeatedly.To the i Phone restarting bug, Apple introduced an updated named i OS 11.3 to the i Phone users to solve that problem.kl01 wrote: Guys, I really hope you can help me:😢 i attempted to update my i Phone 4s to i OS 7.1.2 but it decided to freeze at about 25%.

updating iphone 2 1 to 2 2-8

I have the same issue with my i Phone 4 after upgrading to 7.1.2. The same thing happens even after the battery had run out.

When I do a hard reset all I get is the apple symbol trying to reboot and that's where it stays till the battery runs out. I'm in Aus so I'm off to the Apple store first up this morning . Went to Apple store and the only thing they said could be done is an update of the firmware to get it out of the restart loop which meant wiping out all my data.

This bug was restarting their i Phone in a loop over and over again.

The people were unable to do any job because their i Phones were restarting continuously.

Reseting it by Home and sleep/wake button didn't solve the problem.

On 2nd December 2017, hundreds of people reported about a bug on their i Phone.This was a major problem in Apple’s new i OS 11.1.2.However, Apple gave some suggestions to the people to fix this bug. All the people who are specially using i OS 11.1.2 faced this problem due to some app notifications.Just do a hard reset (press and hold the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons at the same time for a few seconds), then turn it on as you normally would.It worked for me, and it doesn't seem like I lost any data.However, if you press it and keep it pressed along with the home button, it will do a hard reset on the phone.

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