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For those who want transparency and minimal work should buy an Intel Dual Core E5200 processor with s Spec of SLAY7 or QFHQ.

This s Spec specific core will provide the all around best bang for the buck with the least amount of implementation work or operational issues.

Some of these processors have higher clock rates, larger cache sizes, and advanced technologies, some of which will be taken advantage of.

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It is also true that the same stepping level can also have more than one s Spec associated with it. These can be to fix some errata, raise the performance/ clock speed, modify die sizes, or to reduce power consumption, and can include micro code changes or updates.

Generally, a higher stepping version is better, but not in the case of compatibility with the EX485.

The Celeron 440 provides reasonable performance for basic operations, WHS administrations, backups, photo management and file functions on your network. There is no total solution because of the limitation of the HP hardware and intent of design.

Unfortunately, when you ask it to run other add-ins, such as CPU intensive audio and video streaming/compression, it runs out of steam quickly. Some of the limits are: a minimal power supply, passive CPU cooling with low air circulation, limited case size, and an unforgiving proprietary motherboard that is nearly impossible to buy on the open market with no recovery features.

Which Intel CPU should I use and how this choice affects BIOS settings: Many have mentioned having some success with other dual-core Celeron, Pentium, and Xeon units.

Some of CPU’s reported to work are the: E3300, E3400, E4400, E6300, E6420, E8200, L3110 Xeon’s and a few others.Sometimes we just have to admit that no matter how hard we try we just can’t make a pig fly. If you are thinking this upgrade will make the 485 a “barn-blazing video-eating audio-blasting end-all” platform, forget it.What it will do, however, is give you a 100% performance increase over the Celeron 440, and can be done for around .00.OK, now that we have satisfied the lawyers out there lets move on…The HP Media Smart Server EX48X series (EX485 & EX487) are the second generation servers in the Media Smart Server line, released as the successor to the EX470 and EX475.In the case of our target processor, the E5200, there are three s Spec versions using 2 stepping models, M0 and R0. This information is important because it is necessary to know how to identify and select s Spec for a given CPU, and also to select the one that will work best for our application.

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