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updating blizzard-12

______________________________________________________ Garakan The link also included the newer 1949 version of the launcher.

Delete the Blizzard Launcher.1682 folder and replace it with the Blizzard Launcher.1949 folder.

Program Data\Battle.net\Agent\Logs#–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––# System started at 2012–12–12 .8780# system: GARAKITH#–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––.8790 switcher argument[1]: '––locale=en US'.8790 switcher argument[2]: '––switcherretail'2012/12/12 .804 — Blizzard Setup v1276 at ' D:\Games\World of Warcraft\World of Warcraft Launcher.exe' for wow_enus en US reporting for duty! 2012/12/12 .804 — Running as Admin.2012/12/12 .804 — Bootstrapper Stage: CHECK_PERMISSIONS2012/12/12 .805 — Bootstrapper Stage: CHECK_RUNNING_INSTANCE2012/12/12 .805 — Bootstrapper Stage: CHECK_ELEVATION2012/12/12 .805 — Bootstrapper Stage: UPDATE_BOOTSTRAPPER2012/12/12 .805 — Bootstrapper Stage: EXTRACT_AGENT2012/12/12 .805 — Agent needs to update.

Extracting Agent.2012/12/12 .081 — Bootstrapper Stage: START_AGENT2012/12/12 .081 — Bootstrapper Stage: UPDATE_AGENT Garakan Here it is:

page=3#53There is another post a few posts down from that one with links to new versions of Agent and the Blizzard Launcher.

______________________________________________________ Garakan 1682 is an old version of the Blizzard Launcher. Is 1682 the version that you got from the link in the post I linked you?

For 1–2 months i had the same problem as many have.

That the Updating blizzard Launcher gets stuck on 60–70% and when you read about others solutions it mostly doesnt work and if it does it wont last for long. I have already told my friends that have the same problem what to do and it worked for all of them.

I'm very sorry if you've been told that, it's not true and won't help at all.

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