South beach tow christie and perez dating

Back at the yard, Christie the dispatcher also must juggle angry customers, drivers and dispatch calls.

She, too, interjects commentary about the situation via cutaways. clash on several episodes because of differences and Robert Jr.'s apparent inability to follow directions or perform his job correctly.

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Meanwhile, Kosgrove accidentally swallows Jerome's wedding ring.

Overwhelmed by Tremont's move to a new towyard, Christie considers promoting a driver to Assistant Manager.

Meanwhile, Robbie loses Kosgrove's beloved dog, and Eddie struggles to keep his cool during a grueling night shift at the office.

Stuck in Key West, Bernice and her crew scramble to locate their missing tow truck, with the wrath of both Christie and Wanda looming overhead.

Three weeks after her promotion to General Manager, Christie is faced with Tremont's biggest crisis yet; Jerome transitions out of his honeymoon phase; Kosgrove faces the consequences of living extravagantly.

With only 72 hours until Tremont's eviction, Christie scrambles to raise the funds to move the company to a new facility.

Meanwhile, Perez butts heads with the women of Tremont, and Eddie's anger management therapy takes a bizarre turn.

After a confrontation with a pair of nasty newlyweds, Bernice drags her unwitting coworkers on a vengeful repo road trip - all the way to Key West.

Following closely on the heels of its other popular towing programs Operation Repo and Lizard Lick Towing, South Beach Tow shifts from the repossession genre and focuses more on the towing of illegally parked vehicles in the South Beach area of Miami.

South Beach is known for its glitz, glamour, and young vibrant night life.

Each show's episode follows a similar plot line of at least two drivers and interaction with the family.

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