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For me, having different looks is enjoyable, part of being a woman.

[Comment on this post] June 21st, 2011 am EDT Why is it that is I tell someone I am gay, they have no problem with it and offer to fix me up with one of their gay friends who would be "just perfect" for me, but if I tell them I am TG, they back off and look at me as if I am some kind of freak?

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If possible, practice this at home or with a friend.

When you do finally decide to go out for an evening wearing heels, DO NOT think about how high they are or that they hurt or that you feel unsteady in not think that you could change into something more comfortable.

July 18th, 2013 pm EDT Girls, have you ever watched a GG walking down the street wearing a pair of killer stiletto heels and thought "Gee... " - Of course you have most GGs, who really would like to wear high heels - 4" and above - but don't because every time they try, the shoes live up to the name "killer heels".

Well, today, your dear friend Kathi will tell you how!

Think about it the next time you are in a mall - how many of the GGs you see are actually "passable" as women?

So many of them are outright slobs, devoid of any obvious gender.I resisted but did have to admit that the higher heels were soooooooooo sexy!I struggled trying to wear them...4" at first..cried - a lot!(In that case, I would suggest 3" heels.) While I prefer stilettos (after all, that is what you will be wearing! Just remember, your goal is to train - and stretch - your calf muscles so that you will feel comfortable standing - and walking - and even running - in higher heels!The first time, I would suggest that you plan on standing - maybe taking a few steps - then standing or sitting (sitting in higher heels will be different too! I would do this for maybe 15 minutes at a time, several times a day. Trust me...body will adjust and your shoes will become broken in.Honestly, guys, I do not care about your orientation as long as you accept me for me.

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