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He can change into his true form, a giant white dog with posion breath (he needs a tic tac…). I really don’t think Sesshomaru has a “mate”, or will end up with anyone. On fanfic pairings, there is very little I approve of.

He has one in the beginning, when he first comes after Inu-Yasha, also forged for his father’s fang, and another from a youkai’s fang.

The Tenseiga, from his father’s fang, was made for him. He has posion that sprays from his claws (there has been some peolpe saing that his markings on his hands grow longer when he’s about to ues this attack, and I agree, they do.

Later, Sesshomaru gains another sword, called Toukijin, that is probalbly as powerful as the Tetsusaiga.

It was made from a fang from a demon that Inu-Yasha killed.

First off, Sesshomaru and Kagome do not go well together.

It takes them totally out of character when they are paired.

The demon broke the Tetsusaiga and so Sesshomaru had the demon’s fang made into a sword!

How to spell Sesshomaru’s name: Poor Sesshomaru-sama. I’ve heard it said two different ways and spelled many different ways.

Sesshomaru is the Lord of the Western Lands, and is rather sore that Inuyasha got the Tetsaiga insead of him.

Still persuing the Tetsusaiga, he went after a blacksmith and tried to force him to make a new sword from another of his father’s fangs.

It cannot cut, only heal, and it also brings back peolpe from the dead. I know this.), and he uses his “fluff” for squeezing things. Maybe there’ll be some random youkai woman at the end.

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