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Find your local civil registry office in Switzerland to apply.Processing the application typically takes five weeks, as it includes the publication of the bans.

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Documentation for Swiss weddings You will have to prove your civil status (ie.

that you have never been or are no longer married or in a civil partnership), as well as your identity and residential status.

The average age the Swiss lose their virginity is 18.2, .

Something tells us that extra year and change of maturity can't hurt.

Pre-wedding preparations You and your future spouse need to present the same documents to the local civil registry office () to apply for authorisation for the ceremony.

Only a civil ceremony at a registry office creates a legally binding union.

This needs to be obtained from the same country as where the documents originated (eg.

your home country) – so give yourself plenty of time.

All documents proving marital status (birth certificate, divorce certificate and so on) must be less than six months old.

They must also be original copies from the issuing body in the relevant country.

But as society becomes more gender equal, Swiss families have become more egalitarian than ever: "Swiss fathers play a more active role in looking after their children than many of their European counterparts," a to data from the World Values Survey analyzed by George Washington University, "Both Swiss men and women are more supportive of gender equality than American men and women.

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