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For the Opertor I choose "IS LIKE" For the value on the criterion properties I took from the OU properties the Canonical name.

I've updated the collection membership and even forced AD replication yet my machines never show up. Yes, I did limit the collection to the All Windows XP collection.

You can also use application requirements to perform this task.

sccm collections system ou not updating-17

And both of my target machines are in this collection and both are healty.

And I know there is a lag time between AD and SCCM but I've forced replication and it still does not show up. Click the values button and select the OU from there. System OUName from SMS_R_System where SMS_R_System.

Copy the exact OU you want in that window to the Collection query.

If the OU does not show up there then it is a problem with the AD system group discovery rather then the query statement.

Although the default client settings in Configuration Manager apply to all devices and all users, you can create custom client settings that apply to a collection of devices or a collection of users.

For example, if you want remote control to be available on all but a few devices, configure the default client settings to allow remote control and then configure custom client settings that do not allow remote control, and deploy those to the collection of exceptional clients.In SCCM under AD system Discovery I picked "enable"and I created 1 new container that points to the OU I created in AD.I created a new collection based on System Resource - System OU Name.For example, you could create a collection of all computers in the "London Headquarters" Active Directory Organizational Unit (OU).For more information about how to create this type of collection, see How to create collections in System Center Configuration Manager.Create custom collections to more specifically identify the devices or users for a task.

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