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All the things you think it takes to attract a man are completely wrong and you must instead adopt my boner generation program.

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There is a growing barrier between the sexes in America. There are even some men in denial about their own boner.

It’s large enough that men are undertaking training to learn how to communicate with their women (game) or are taking energy and time-consuming trips abroad to meet foreign women (travel). “If I grow my hair out longer, will I increase a man’s boner or decrease it? They say, “I don’t just want a woman who gives me boners, I want to have long philosophical discussions with a girl who has a great personality.” Philosophy does not give boners and personality doesn’t increase the quality of your sex life.

Not only did I go out four or five nights a week to approach like a machine, I ended up digesting every resource I could get my hands on, from body language books to audio CD's that were supposed to hypnotize me into getting more sex.

But over the next few months something interesting happened—the game I was learning began to work.

And then, if something won’t work -try again, and again.

What if I simply do not drink alcohol and I don’t fancy dating drunkards either? I – however – can’t agree that this way of living is something that I am interested in.

Well I did that once and it led to the girl walking away from me because of how offensive it was, especially since I said it in a country that had a history of slavery (United States).

But it did take a while, and I definitely can't say that I was a natural at it.

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If a book had any remote connection to interacting with the opposite sex or getting laid then I was on top of it..

If you choose a woman who performs more boner destroying behaviors than boner creating behaviors, you’re asking for catastrophe to enter your life.

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