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Folding my legs, I settled on the earthen floor before the altar, looked into the Kandadal’s eyes.

My idol is varnished wood, one of the jolly young Kandadals, grinning to show his strong, crooked teeth, his eyes crinkled to slits.

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Ìsho the moment she saw him, his flat nose and panting pink tongue and goggle eyes poking out of my sleeve.

I was deliberately too dense to take the hint and make a gift of my dear companion to a spoiled child. ” By this time the envoy had been summoned so I need not deal with his daughter’s tantrum, merely witness it and his craven response.

I would not, could not, ask of him services outside the terms if they were anything I desired. “Shàu,” I said, “here, take this.” I pressed the small idol of pug-nosed Jù into his hand. A songbird, a chameleon, a goldfish in a bowl, a cricket in a cage—whatever you choose. I walked to the plum tree at the back of the garden, pressed my brow to its trunk, and tightened my eyelids against tears of my own.

In any event, now he was grown he had no doubts about preferring the whores of the red houses over those of the yellow. Please, this robe is soiled and I do not wish to wear it again.” Tears had welled up in his eyes but he knew the proprieties as well as I. “Jù will welcome him.” He took the robe from my hands. I had already thought it through but Shàu never liked me doing him favors. Looking over his head—I did not wish to see another tear—I said, “The house will not be ready to welcome another dog for…some time. Two, buy two.” I blundered through the door into the garden. The idol of Jù had left marks on my palm that took many minutes to fade.

In the dusk of the unwindowed, unlit chamber the brown glass inset within the slits did not glint. Scholars say he never visited Haisn, his philosophies brought in the train of the Owe-ejan-akhar’s daughter centuries after the mortal Kandadal’s decease.

The vale of Sfothem, his native place, is nearer Bhekai than to Sjolussa but the people who live there, I’m assured, resemble me more than they do natives of central and northern Haisn, having narrow high-bridged noses and round eyes, the men hirsute more often than not.An itinerant godseller had set up her booth among the trees as if awaiting me.She was surprised by a kè-torantin attired in Haisner fashion who spoke her language, recognized her deities, saints, tutelary spirits.The only protocols he deemed valid were those of our empress’s court in distant Sjolussa.The inamorato was introduced with all his titles, inherited and conferred.“Shàu,” I said when he came, “sorrowful news: Ìsho has died. Whether he burned it or laundered and sold it mattered little to me. “In fact, if it wouldn’t wreck your plans, go to Old An’s for noodles. In my garden it was past the season for peonies but the roses Shàu tended were in bloom. I laid the roses down on the stone altar among the rotted or dried-out relics of previous offerings.

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