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RIC IV a contains tabular data and RIC IVb contains the plates.A complete set of these reference works is quite expensive, costing over a thousand dollars if copies of each volume can even be found. Keywords: Roman Coins History Roman Emperors Numismatics The whole list in alphabetical order Go to booklist about the Roman army and ancient warfare Books about Roman and other ancient coins Books by the popular author Michael Grant Books about ancient ships and sailing Go to booklist about women in the Roman world Hats Off to History Teachers!Because begionning collectors are much more familiar with reverse types, especially if they purchase one of the excellent references by Klawans or Sayles the RSC series is probably the most useful tool for the collector of silver denarii or antoninianii.

The collector should beware of reprinted editions in which the quality of the photographs is poor.

Ancient coins (unlike modern coins) are very closely related to history.

Most collectors feel that by reading about history they are learning interesting things about coins as well.

For example, when you read that Constantine the Great (Roman emperor from 307 to 337 AD) was the first emperor to promote Christianity, you might wish to buy a coin he minted. When you finish this page, look at sites listed here.

You can buy a clear copper piece the size of a cent with his portrait for $10, and get it in even better condition for $30 or less. It is wonderful if you can find a collector or a dealer who will help you get started, but many collectors do not know any other local collectors and continue to collect alone. There are sites on the web where collectors gather to show and discuss ancient coins. Libraries often have a few beginners books specifically about ancient coins.

Big public libraries and libraries at universities may have many books about ancient coins--there are hundreds!

Remember, in Europe archaeology and history of the ancient world is a big deal--much bigger than here.

Over there you can take university courses in ancient coins.

by David Sear is the standard reference used by dealers and collectors all over the world. 498, 22 years after the traditional date given for the Fall in the West.

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