Peer reviewed journals about interracial dating

If so, how come there are no surviving legends that match the addresses found (below) in period sources?

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In 1827, the State of New York abolished slavery, so the 1820 census figures are the most reliable we have for establishing the incidence of slavery in what is now Erie County.

The Stone Farmhouse was not built until 1830 at the earliest; probably closer to 1840 or 1850.

Even when a story's provenance can be established, genealogists and historians know that myths are handed down through generations just as easily as facts, if not more so.

Genealogists have a saying, "Without proof, there is no truth." This is why we look for evidence to substantiate or disprove legends.

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Activities could include recruiting volunteers, raising money, and organizing rescues or protests.

Structures associated with abolitionists or abolitionism in general, other than hosting fugitives or organizing activities on their behalf.

Five years into the Fugitive Slave Act, in 1855, Buffalo was openly defying it. In 1903, he noted the paucity of sites in Buffalo:"...comparatively little seems to have been gathered up regarding Buffalo's stations and workers.

This is not to argue that Buffalo was an interracial paradise, as Daniel Davis and Christopher Webb, victims of the Fugitive Slave Act, discovered. The Buffalo of ante-bellum days was not a large place, and many personally escorted refugees were taken directly from country stations to the river ferries, Today, my unscientific guess is that maybe 1% of Buffalo's urban fabric predates the Civil War, meaning that out of any 100 houses and buildings, only one dates from before 1865.

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