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During this period they fought not only the Mexicans and white settlers but also many of the other plains Indians.

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The fierce Comanche continued to maintain their independence and even increase their territory until new diseases, including small pox and cholera, began to take their toll.

By the 1870’s, these illnesses had reduced their population to about 7,000 people.

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Find black women, white women, latina females, and asian women in Paducah KY. Although the name Comanche is well known, it is uncertain where it originated.There are two accounts of its origin, the most accepted being a Spanish corruption of a name the Ute called them — Kohmahts, meaning “those who are against us.” The second account is that it was a derivative of the Spanish word meaning “wide trail.” They were also called Paducah by early French and American explorers, but the preferred name of the tribe has always been Numunuh, meaning “The People.” The Comanche a Uto-Aztecan language, which is almost identical to the Shoshone from which they originated.However, when the Europeans entered the scene and the tribe obtained horses, they broke off from the Shoshone with an estimated 10,000 members.Moving south, they first migrated to the central plains before continuing to move southward to an area that extended from the Arkansas River to central Texas.The horse trade quickly became a large part of their culture, breeding, stealing, and trading horses to other plains Indians, allowing them also to become more productive buffalo hunters.

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