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Visiting when the weather isn't so hot means fewer people in the area and that provides some advantages, but you will be able to enjoy cooler weather.

Many say central Florida has two seasons: hot and hotter.

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Combined with long check-in lines, it is advisable to arrive 2-3 hours before your scheduled departure.

Orlando is the "rental car capital of the world" and, as can be expected, there are many car rental agencies offering a large number and wide range of vehicles for rental.

Orlando International has two components: landside and airside.

There is a central landside terminal (one building divided into sides "A" and "B"), containing airline counters, baggage claim, rental agencies, numerous shops, and a hotel.

(In fact, Disney World is not in Orlando, but is in nearby Lake Buena Vista).

With the estimated 52 million tourists a year, Orlando and many other areas in the region have developed a lot to offer the less theme park minded (or theme park exhausted) traveler.

) is the city's primary airport, and the second busiest airport in the state in terms of passenger traffic.

The airport is located to the southeast of downtown but is conveniently located with respect to the region and area attractions.

Security screening is performed in the central landside terminal before taking the tram to the airsides and, as in all U. airports, only ticketed passengers are allowed past security.

Security lines can become extremely long (1 hr), especially during the summer tourist season and near holidays.

Beware: Several gas stations near the airport prey on visitors topping off the tanks of rental cars by charging extraordinarily high prices (-3/gallon above local prices)!

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