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Kylie was so awestruck by Ariel’s skills that she sent him a DM saying: “Next time you’re in town, let’s work together.” Ariel pretty much immediately hopped on the next flight to LA, and now his work is prominently featured on one of the more followed Instagram accounts on the entire network. With his angelic voice and boy band charm, little Justin’s videos were starting to gets lots of views on You Tube – just so happening to catch the attention of another former teen superstar named Usher.

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Not only does having a partner with different skills help your current business pursuit, but it teaches you to improve in weaker areas and ultimately master them, making the probability of success in future projects even greater.

On, Stever Robbins advocates for utilizing your local business community.

Ryan made the gutsy move of replying with his contact info and the rest, as they say, is history.

Keeping a steller Instagram profile isn’t just good for your online reputation – if you’re in the beauty business, it can lead to big bucks.

Charlie Brock, CEO and President of Launch Tennessee, recommends finding a partner whose skills complement yours.

In other words, the right partner will have a strong skillset in areas where you may be lacking and vice versa.Remember that person from your old office who always seemed interested in your creative pursuits? Inform them of your entrepreneurial plans and let them know you’d love to discuss things further. While it isn’t for everyone, working with family members can create solid, understanding business relationships and elevate a growing company. Awesome, but don’t get ahead of yourself before investigating deeper. If possible, it’s also ideal to work with the person first-handedly to experience their style.It’s easy to sound enthused after hearing an exciting business pitch, but explore someone’s credibility before shaking hands and inviting them on board. Getting a glimpse in advance at a potential partner’s work ethic can save you from major clashing and awkward situations in the future.While not necessarily a red carpet celeb (yet), all it took was one tweet and a carefully crafted Wix website for Nina Mufleh to grab the attention of Airbnb’s CEO. Dead set on a job at Airbnb, Nina knew that she’d need more than a standard resume to get the attention of the top boss at her dream job, so she smartly created an unusual application via a Wix website, and sent it out into the Twittersphere. But finding your other half online doesn’t exclusively pertain to your next love affair.

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