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When Dicks heard of the this they removed the pistols from the self…I am a sportsman so I believe if you want to have a gun to go hunting, markmenship, or clay shooting than fine. Reply So proud of Dick’s Sporting Goods for taking a common sense step on gun purchases.Although it was not the gun that was used in that shooting, the company stated that “on so many levels that the systems in place are not effective to protect our kids and our citizens”, Dick’s announced the immediate end of all sales of assault-style type rifles.

I guess you guys really are Dicks in a multitude of ways!

Reply First both my wife and I want to thank you for taking the stand on not selling guns that are not needed for hunting.

In 1994, the Dick’s Sporting Goods corporate office was moved from Binghamton, NY to Coraopolis, Pennsylvania.

In early February 2018, Dick’s put out a press release which acknowledged that, in November 2017, it was responsible for the sale of a shotgun to the perpetrator of the Stoneman Douglas High School, Florida, shooting.

I believe this is not the first time Dicks has done something like this to protect the public.

As I recall when I was working for them in the Vestal NY store when they first opened there was a shooting in another store, Not Dicks, where some was looking at a pistol and than shot him self .

Some nutcases use a gun rather than other means they use like knives, planes, trucks etc and the illogical response is to slowly disarm law abiding citizens. Maybe that is the narrative today but tomorrow once this goal is achieved the Social warriors will move on to identify the next gun type to ban till there are no more. Another citizen or law enforcement officer with a gun. What happens when a nutcase uses a Drone to harm and kill others? ARs were removed 2 weeks ago from Field and Stream stores as well.

Yesterday I heard from employees that the CEO is good friends with and supports Dian Feinstein and is planning to cut thousands of AR style rifles into pieces in a huge media frenzy.

Dick said that the thought fishing supplies (bait and tackle) would sell well.

The store owner laughed and said that Dick would never be a merchant.

In 1948, Richard, “Dick” Stack was working for an army surplus store.

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