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, “All the Single Ladies.” Women continue to outpace men in educational attainment, employment rates, and earnings, with the result that many men are seen as unmarriageable, while the shrinking population of desirable men is increasingly promiscuous.

Bolick wants to know what a single lady is to do about it, and her answer is female companionship.

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The full implementation of this pattern, so to speak, is seen in the Mosuo community in China, which Bolick also briefly discusses.

The Mosuo have a matrilineal and matriarchal social structure and do not practice marriage (though many are monogamous).

It also becomes inevitable, as men, who become increasingly less likely to meet the standards set by female heads of household, are no longer willing or able to sustain long-term commitment.

It is foreseeable that the growing promiscuity of college campuses and the young-adult scene will push more middle-class, educated women like Bolick into female-led households, raising children fathered by absent partners, adopted, or artificially conceived.

When women rely on their own support networks instead of men, men are shut out of the family.

Only in monogamous marriage, in which the heterosexual couple, rather than either gender, wields power and constitutes the basic unit of society, can equality and true companionship between the sexes be achieved.

Women head households, while men lead an apparently carefree and subordinate existence in homes ruled by their mothers or sisters.

Sexual contacts between men and women are initiated and terminated at the will of either party, and do not affect family and residential arrangements; the children resulting from these contacts belong to the mother’s household. For as long as women expect support from the fathers of their children, male promiscuity will lead to distress and declining fertility as women fail to find committed partners.

Because of their inherent immaturity, most males feel embarrassed and shamed by a woman giving them an enema.

Prolong the enema and keep the door open to inspire fear that someone may see them and deepen his humiliation.

The only alternative to the objectification of one sex is marriage, premised on monogamy and love.

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