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And Liverpool's readiness to sell was HOME Dengue casesnit anew high THERE has been a worldwide resurgence of dengue fever, and Singapore has not escaped.

Last week, the number of new cases hit a new weekly peak of 312, 54 more than the last spike, m June lastyear^ y Overall, there have been 1 14 cases MONEY ROSY PROSPECTS FOR LOCAL BANKS LOCAL banks' prospects for the second half look very good, say analysts.

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" I wanted to go too," said the 14-year-old Cedar Girls' Secondary 2 student Pakistani held for filming US landmarks TOURIEST OR TERROIST KAMRAN Akhtar was stopped and questioned by Charlotte police on July 20 while videotaping near a busy street intersection.

He appeared m federal court on Tuesday, charged with being m the US illegally and making false statements to the authorities about Political killing may start Al-Qaeda attack WASHINGTON A highprofile political assassination, triggered by a new message from Osama bin Laden, will lead off the next major Al Qaeda attack, according to a Washington Times report.

Once, FORUM TIGHTEN LAW ON ABORTIONS LAST week, a letter from Mr Teo Chun Sang was published urging a review of the ban on terminating a pregnancy after 24 weeks, if a foetus is found to nave a major disability. One refers to theologian John LIFE MORE SUBTLETHAN SHOCKING A DECADE ago, he sparked controversy by drinking his own urine as a piece of performance art, but anyone attending his latest exhibition hoping to be shocked should know that Vincent Leow challenges the status quo differently these days.

Mock Ducks And Manicured Poodles uses oil SPORTS Forget Vieira, all eyes on Owen SPANISH newspapers may be claiming that Real Madrid have secured the services of Arsenal captain Patrick Vieira, with a raised offer of £22 million (Ss69 million), but the English papers are more preoccupied with another possible transfer.

A CHECK ON CHINA There is a feeling that Chinese growing naval presence, if not responded to, would basically signal to East Asia that China is the up and coming power and the United States is the receding power.

John Tkacik, research fellow at S'pore lawyer wins seat on UN women's rights body THERESA TAN DISCRIMINATION AGAINST WOMEN Anamah Tan will join 22 other experts next January Bu VETERAN women's activist and family lawyer Anamah Tan has been elected to the United Nations expert body on women's rights issues.Those who COMMENTARY A DECADE' S H6 MFFERENCE jt WHEN Alvin Pang looks at the life his 1 23-year-old sister less than 10 years his junior leads, he realises what a etifference a decade has made.Her ever-present mobile phone, laptop and packed case attest to the 24/7 global work-lrfe she takes for granted.Media Corp's Channels 5 and 8, Channel News Asia, TVl2's Suria and Vasantham Central, and TVMobile, and SPH Media Works' Channels i and U will broadcast the ceremony from 7.50pm to 9pm with subtitles.Radio Blair pays tribute to PM Goh BRITISH Prime Minister Tony Blair has paid tribute to outgoing Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong.Citing United States intelligence officials, the newspaper said the assassination plan was among new details of Serial rapist wins lottery jackpot of million ALFRED LEE Bu FOR THE STRAITS TIMES LONDON A serial rapist serving a life sentence m jail has won the British lottery jackpot of £7,039,479 (5522,174,000).

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