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As with all family members these situations should be handled respectfully and delicately.

Start by encouraging your relative to be open minded to exploring more about Judaism. Remind them that they are part of a long and rich heritage and their decision impacts future generations. Judaism teaches that non-Jews should believe in God and accept and practice the 7 Noahide commandments.

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Some historians maintain that there were Jews among the Berber-Muslim invaders of Spain in 711.

The Arab conquest of Morocco and its conversion to Islam did not bring about the elimination of the Jews or the Judaized Berbers.

It was completely inhabited by Jews and did not disappear until the 12 century.

It was situated near the present-day town of Sefrou.

Other tribes, such as the Barghwāṭa, were also heavily Judaized.

Between 581 and 693 many Jews were compelled to leave Spain as a result of the persecutions of the Visigoth kings who, while forcing them to accept baptism, also adopted draconian measures against them.

The story goes that the inhabitants of Fez revolted against the ruler Yaḥya (860), who had violated the chastity of a Jewish girl.

The pogrom in Fez in 1033 is to be seen as an isolated event due to the Jewish support for the Maghrawas, the rivals of the Ifrenids.

In order to be considered a “candidate” for moshiach a number of scriptural prophecies must be fulfilled by him, and such an individual must demonstrate a wide range of unparalleled attributes.

Additionally, a radical transformation in the human condition must take place for that time to be deemed auspicious for advent of the messiah.

However, when Idris (791–828) decided to establish his capital in Fez, he authorized Jews of all origins to settle there.

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