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Vulture spoke to Evangeline Lilly to discuss not just the future of Kate Austen but, because has officially wrapped, the future of Evangeline Lilly as well. When you've been doing something for six years, then it ends ... I'm just not that person who, when I know something like this is going on, or I know something's happening, or I know a big moment in my life is coming, I generally tend to just not let it come and go without really giving it its due.Also, she answers a few Vulture commenter questions. I spent my first six months this season desperately savoring every last second of being with this crew and being in Hawaii and all of that jazz.

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Nicole Evangeline Lilly was born on August 3, 1979, in the small prairie town of Fort Saskatchewan in Alberta, Canada. Her parents worked to make ends meet, but "we lived on cabbage for a week at one point." However, they weren't poor at Christmas: every year, her father would take out loans in order to splurge on gifts for the children.

1 Lilly's father worked as the produce manager at Safeway; her mother was a clerk at Estée Lauder and ran a daycare center out of the family home for a time.

Jerri_Blank wonders how you managed to steal your scenes in with very little screen time.

1979) became famous virtually overnight when she was cast in the lead role of Kate Austen on the hit television series Lost in 2004.

Because I'm interested in having a job, I'm not interested in having an entire lifestyle governed by what I do for a paycheck. I was sort of watching and waiting to see what would be the twist in the Kate flash-sideways story. It was interesting, I feel like on the island she became the standard by which mediocrity ... I guess, in a way, she's sort of like a psychological anchor. It was almost frustrating at times because I'm so not a sci-fi watcher.

Kate's flash-sideways character doesn't seem much different from her regular-dimension self, except she claims she's innocent. It sounds like you miss when the show was about a plane crash. The mythology to me was not nearly as interesting as the emotional story of these characters.Puberty came relatively late — at 16 — but virtually overnight.Suddenly the freckle-faced, buck-toothed tomboy had become a beautiful, curvy woman.So sometimes I'd get frustrated and feel like I wanted to see more of that.I wanted to see these characters and their emotions and what they were going through.I was also very interested in the notion of the survival aspect of our show. I miss the days when just, "What are we going to eat? I guess it's a perfect parallel to mankind: very John Locke, very old-world capitalist philosophers.

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