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A dog that works for the police is especially trained for assisting policemen in their investigative chores and during important missions. This is because German Shepherds have been used as police dogs since the beginning and they were sometimes the only breed accepted to collaborate with the law-enforcement personnel.

During the post-industrial era, the only dogs that used to appear in movies portraying police officers belong to the same dog breed.

Man and dog work together side by side for thousands of years.

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In addition, dogs that work with the police can be trained to become arson dogs, which can find traces of accelerants.

Basically, dogs can detect any type of smell, but some are specialized on a certain niche.

In our days, German Shepherds are still doing police work, but they are not the only dog breed that police works with.

In addition, almost all types of police dogs have German or Romanic origins. They get used with tracking and other police maneuvers due to long sessions of dressage, which involve lots of tips and tricks. They only listen to commands coming from police officers.

Locating suspects or even finding persons declared missing, as well as missing objects are among its attributions.

Moreover, the Beagle is especially appreciated and useful in detection of drugs and explosives.In order to emphasize the role of a police dog in the police work, people took a series of measures to ensure their protection.These include bulletproof vests especially made for dogs and laws that punish anyone who hurts a dog.Most often, police dogs are trained to guard an agent or to follow, intimidate and catch the suspects that try to run away or hide from the other agents. Their purpose is not to bite, but to grab and wait until an agent comes nearby and commands it to release its prey.This means that a dog uses its jaw strength to immobilize a suspect if he or she tries to run way or escape somehow.This is more of a prevention method for the villain to run and escape.

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