Interracial dating in romania giving up dating geeks

This along with the “stereotypes” of Romanians in the UK – which is not that great! ( You would think that this is Paris but this is the belle view from the Palatul Parlamentului ) But let’s cut straight to the chase: Romania’s alrights – or at Bucharest is – that’s where I was based. Apart from the few Nigerian (and handful of East African) students at universities along with a very small but growing number of interracial relationships and marriages taking places – many black migrants and travellers pass through Romania instead of choosing to settle within Romania – at least according to my friends who engage in the migration sector.I can’t speak for other countries such as Hungary, Serbia, Bulgarian and Slovakia, but few black people live in Romania.So brides and their families go to great lengths to avoid seeing each other when signing the marriage certificates at the City Hall or when waiting for their queue at the church.

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I made many friends from Constanta, strangers helped me and gave me rides to city.

It’s just I was unlucky to meet a moron with racist ideas and every country have their share of these morons.

Comparing the frequency I have been in Romania I am sure they are not racist (one act/person doesn’t make a country racist).

From Karthik Nandakumar (Source: Back to my the point; some of the observations I noticed is that Romanians are pretty religious; following orthodox form of Christianity with their rosary beads, ‘signs of the cross’ as gestures and careful attendances and observations of mass and marriage.

Though I didn’t meet many – I wasn’t surprised as Nigerians are usually EVERYWHERE along with the growing number of European students choosing to study abroad. If you’re social being is truly pan-african and one is in desperate need to meet members of his or her own black community in Bucharest; then unless you’re willing to sweat in search – you won’t find them (or us).

Also; if you’re easily offended and part of this ‘Afro-renaissance’, ‘I find it racist when those not my colour continue to stare at me’ generation – then Bucharest and certainly the neighbouring towns around and outside Bucharest are not for you.For me gypsy has always meant travelling, music and family.When I was young in Romania, the apartment building opposite was pretty dilapidated, with a few Roma families living there.A few years ago a Black basketballer from the United States, Chauncey Hardy, was beaten to death in a Romanian disco for trying to hit on a Romanian woman.“Gypsy” to me has never had the stigma or the negative connotation that it does for some people.By the way; never speak to a bus driver whilst they are driving as the hand gestures, sighs and looks you’ll get from the passengers whilst not aggressive are still unpleasant.

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