Intelligent message filter not updating

Thus ``delete 1 2 '' deletes messages 1 and 2, while ``delete 1-5 '' deletes messages 1 through 5.

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Other escapes will set up subject fields, add and delete recipients to the message and allow you to escape to an editor to revise the message or to a shell to run some commands.

(These options are given in the summary below.) You can end a mail session with the quit `q ' ) command. It is also possible to create a personal distribution lists so that, for instance, you can send mail to ``cohorts '' and have it go to a group of people.

Messages which have been examined go to your mbox file unless they have been deleted in which case they are discarded. Such lists can be defined by placing a line like in the file .mailrc in your home directory.

The current list of such aliases can be displayed with the alias command in mail System wide distribution lists can be created by editing /etc/aliases see aliases(5) and sendmail(8); these are kept in a different syntax.

For commands which take message lists as arguments, if no message list is given, then the next message forward which satisfies the command's requirements is used.

If there are no messages forward of the current message, the search proceeds backwards, and if there are no good messages at all, mail types ``applicable messages '' and aborts the command.

In mail you send, personal aliases will be expanded in mail sent to others so that they will be able to reply to the recipients.

System wide aliases are not expanded when the mail is sent, but any reply returned to the machine will have the system wide alias expanded as all mail goes through sendmail.

You can use the reply command to set up a response to a message, sending it back to the person who it was from.

Text you then type in, up to an end-of-file, defines the contents of the message.

If you give it an argument, it will write out changes (such as deletions) you have made in the current file and read in the new file.

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