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If you do download it from another website, we highly recommend that you verify your download against the SHA1 checksums provided via the download page.

Milestone Hand Brake 0.10 General Core Intel Quick Sync Video Encode / Decode support. We hope to bring this to Linux in the future but not for 0.10.

Hardware Decode support via DXVA (Experimental - Windows Only)Decoding of some H.264, VC1 and WMV content via the GPU.

frustrating [QUOTE=Drage Mester;2743286]In case you’re interested, Vid Coder can do this.[/QUOTE] Drage Mester, I very well know Vidcoder can . I find that weird, because vidcoder is based on handbrake…

But then again, Vidcoder can’t do some of the things that handbrake manages very well ! So, you woud think that vidcoder has all the bells and whistles handbrake has to begin with …

This encoder is adequate for most, but until it improves a bit further, we have enabled support for the FDK-AAC encoder also.

This FDK option is a temporary measure until the Lib AV encoder improves.Release Highlights Upgrade Notice Before updating, please make sure there are no pending encodes in the Queue.If you are currently using Hand Brake older than version 1.0.0, please also make note of any custom Presets you have created, as they may not be compatible with newer versions.Numerous bug fixes Fixed the Issue in the source dropdown where the drive menu items did not work when clicked. Russian and Czech Translations Bug fixes and Misc Improvements Requires GTK3Command Line Interface Basic support for return codes from the CLI.Numerous fixes in the Picture settings panel around resolution calculation. Windows Vista with Service Pack 2 or later is now a requirement. Bug fixes Linux Automatic audio and subtitle track selection behaviours which can be stored per preset. (0 = No Error, 1 = Cancelled, 2 = Invalid Input, 3 = Initialization error, 4 = Unknown Error")Bug fixes and Misc Improvements https://handbrake.fr/ hi, I don’t read it anywhere in the long changelog… has anyone done something about possibility to change the settings like bitrate/other for jobs already in queue ???Hand Brake 0.10.5 Released Thursday, Feb 11, 2016 Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control we can no longer include binary distributions of Hand Brake which include the FDK-AAC encoder.

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