Government mandating of prices

To get started with a GSA Smart Pay account, you must: At most agencies, you will make travel reservations through your agency Travel Management Center (TMC)/ Commercial Travel Office (CTO).Generally, the TMC/CTO pays for airline tickets using your agency's centrally billed travel account.Discover tips to success by learning about policies, training opportunities, and innovative solutions here!

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Dollar limitations on services provided may vary depending upon the contractor.

For details, please contact your issuing bank’s customer service center.

The travel account contain identifiers to obtain negotiated government discounts for airfare and tax exemption in some states.

If you are a first time GSA Smart Pay travel account applicant, your agency is required to assess your credit worthiness pursuant to Section 846 of the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2006 (Public Law 109-115), prior to issuing you a travel account.

Each agency contracts with a commercial provider for government travel accounts using the GSA Smart Pay master contracts.

When traveling for the Government, use of a government travel account is mandatory, unless an exemption has been granted.

The European Union is considering reforms that would reduce further growth in demand for first-generation biofuels by 50%.

The United States would do well to consider similar reforms that recognize the food-versus-fuel conflict.

They are automatically covered when the account holder initiates and pays for the entire travel related transaction with their government account. This means that some agencies may have more benefits due to differences in the task order.

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