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control is used to display a single record from a data source.

It is similar to the Details View control, except it displays user-defined templates instead of row fields.

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To provide the best user experience and minimize code repetition, you will use dynamic data templates.

You can easily integrate pre-built dynamic data templates into your existing site by installing a Nu Get package.

//ASPX //code behind c# using System; using System.

This tutorial series demonstrates basic aspects of using model binding with an ASP. Model binding makes data interaction more straight-forward than dealing with data source objects (such as Object Data Source or Sql Data Source).

The Dynamic Field controls add client and server validators based on the validation attributes.

The First Name and Last Name properties are both required.

This series starts with introductory material and moves to more advanced concepts in later tutorials.

This tutorial shows how to create, update, and delete data with model binding.

You can find that template by opening the Enumeration_file in the Dynamic Data/Field Templates folder.

If you provide valid values, the update completes successfully.

The following highlighted code shows the additions to the Grid View code.

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