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Remove the IMEX=2 (or IMEX=1) from the connection string and it will work.

Sometimes it is necessary to provide the functionality to download a Tabular report into Excel.

When you are using a simple Grid View and want to export it to the Excel.

Below is the sample code to create a very simple Excel file from a datatable using this library and writing it to the response stream in your ASP. Now you'll have a fresh and clean proper Excel format file ready to download.

It won't prompt any warning or error while opening.

In this example, there is a pivot table based on a table with sales data, and a slicer for the City field. To move a slicer: After moving both the slicers, click on a city in the short city slicer, and the main pivot table should change, to show only the results for that city. The zipped file contains macros, so enable macros to test the slicers. Download a completed sample file that has two sets of Slicers (one for City, one for Category).

The source data has four cities, and we only want Boston and Los Angeles available in the slicer The slicer shows all the items, and we can't hide the cities that we don't want to use. Name) Set si Short = Nothing On Error Resume Next Set si Short = sc Short. Name) On Error Go To err Handler If Not si Short Is Nothing Then If si Short. If you check the slicer on the short list sheet, it should have changed, to show the same city (or cities) selected. The zipped file contains macros, so enable macros to test the slicers.In the "Info..." option in ASAP Utilities you can find the same brief description of each tool.In the program there is also a search function which can be very useful: In the Excel menu choose ASAP Utilities » Find and run a utility...Explore more of the power of the EPPlus library; see the documentation here. Important : Create a proper Response header before writing the created Excel to the stream to prevent any warning. Stack Exchange network consists of 173 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.

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