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And while the cost is on the higher end, e Harmony’s abundance of features can be worth if for some individuals.

Struggling to think of the right thing to say to an attractive match?

If their profile made you laugh out loud in the middle of Tesco, say it.

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Create something that’s witty and warm and demonstrates you’ve read their profile, as opposed to just flicking through their photos. Research has shown that people warm towards hearing their own name in conversation.

Use that scientific discovery to your own advantage, by starting your email with a “Hello [Username]” and not a non-specific “Hi.” If you want to create a feeling of warmth, shorten their name, use its initials, or create a nickname based on one of their interests. Everyone loves to read about themselves, so don’t begin your message by launching straight in about you.

Plus, the useful features make it easy for members to navigate the site and its thousands of profiles.

Filling out the questionnaire does take a considerable amount of time, but e Harmony has a high success rate.

Grams and milligrams can be abbreviated as g and mg, but micrograms/units/etc. Decimal points are easily missed and should be avoided when possible (e.g.

When you post your profile at one of the dating services, you try to magnet attention, therefore, dates.

This is basic, but sometimes daters forget that the first thing a match will do when they receive an interesting email is click on the profile of the person who sent it.

If your profile is half-finished, or Arctic in its brevity, or doesn’t include photos, most likely you won’t receive a reply.

As well as age, malignancy and major surgery, other risk factors for venous thromboembolism are obesity, previous venous thromboembolism and thrombophilia.

A risk-assessment form with a more comprehensive list is available here.

The site also offers lots of additional information on dating, navigating the site and utilizing every feature.

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