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DJ AM, argues, was someone whose sobriety actually coincided with his success, whose influence still pervades contemporary music, and whose untimely death was all the more shocking for not seeming inevitable.which debuted last year at the Tribeca Film Festival and airs Friday night on Showtime, is directed by Kevin Kerslake, an established music-video and commercial director who was given access to Goldstein’s journals and laptop by his family and tasked with making a movie about him.

From its opening scenes, the film has the frenetic energy of Goldstein’s DJ sets—whiplash-inducing cuts between images, giant text in neon colors, gonzo animated sequences—but the visuals somehow don’t detract from the compelling story of his life, much of it poignantly narrated by the subject in audio recorded at an AA meeting.

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traced the Nirvana frontman’s path from a cherubic toddler to a stringy-haired, strung-out icon of angst.

Goldstein was born in Center City, Philadelphia; his father was secretly gay, and abused drugs as well as his son.

He moved to Los Angeles with his mother at age 14, discovering freestyling, hip-hop, and graffiti, not to mention drugs and alcohol.

Carrying a small leopard print bag on her arm and a leather jacket, the star gave her look a pop of colour with a pair of flat fuschia coloured shoes.

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Goldstein was eventually sent to a juvenile rehab program, Straight Incorporated, that later became notorious for mistreating its patients.

During one visit with his mother, Goldstein was about to tell her how egregious the program was when she informed him that the man he thought was his father was dying of AIDS, and that another man was his biological father.

By juxtaposing musicians’ unhappy childhoods and self-destructive tendencies with their fierce musical genius, both films seem dubious about whether exceptional creativity and personal contentment can co-exist.(childhood trauma, addiction, tremendous musical dexterity), but somehow has a better grasp of its subject’s humanity than so many movies that have come before.

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