Dating textiles

These gracious courtly works, with their origins based upon naturalistic images of flora and fauna, established the sophisticated design vocabulary of the Safavid empire in its sumptuous textiles as well as its majestic Persian carpets.They are quite a contrast to the geometric abstractions found in a wide range of colorful tribal designs one associates with Persian textiles and rugs woven in the outlying villages.They demonstrate a well-developed textile technology notable for its use of complicated and richly colored designs.

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At the present period, some masters such as Mahmoud Farshchian, have put forward novel designs by increasing or decreasing some ornamental elements.

Brocades are woven by means of old tools, and its raw materials are silk and gold and silver lace (braid) and are dyed by means of natural stuffs and materials.

For example, the design of the face of Jesus Christ is found in Saint Victoria Church, and the piece of cloth on which the design of elephant is woven, is preserved in "Sceance" Cathedral.

According to historical narrations, two thousand years ago some pieces of cloth were made with gold and silver laces used in their design and fabric.

Such inscribed fabrics, of which a number are preserved in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, are known as Tiraz, from the Persian word "embroidery." As this name suggests, the epigraphic decoration (rendered in Kufic script) was often finely embroidered, but the inscriptions could also be woven directly into the cloth, a technique known as tapestry-weaving.

Other types of early Islamic fabrics were also tapestry-woven, for example a fragment in the museum's collection, whose colorful decoration reflects the influence of Sasanian art.

Of the many diverse arts that flourished in the early Islamic period, textiles played an especially significant role in society, one that continued in subsequent periods.

Textiles were ubiquitous in Islamic lands, serving as clothing, household furnishings, and portable architecture (tents).

The history of brocaded silk weaving dates back to the time before the Sassanid dynasty.

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