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Unable to witness the injustice and brutality inflict on the residents by a tyrannical gangster, Katya, in a small Indian village in India; Kashinath alias Kashi decides to single-handily ...See full summary » Arun Khanna is a spy for the Indian government whose aid is enlisted to stop ISI Chief Ishak Khan.

Once you’ve won over the Moshae and the angaran Resistance — by completing “Helping Havarl’s Scientists” and/or “Stage a Rescue” — Jaal will offer you a new mission called “Friend of Foe?

” Jaal’s loyalty missions are relatively straightforward — there’s not a lot of planet-hopping, but there is a lot of fighting.

Khan is trying to build a nuclear bomb with which he can liberate Kashmir from the Indians...

See full summary » Amongst the communal riots that erupt in the city, Tara shelters a wayward Sakina from a crazed mob and a bond that blossoms into love is created. See full summary » Tells the story of a feared hit man named Karan, who kills for the mobster Gajraj.

Once you've completed Mission 5: Journey To Meridian, check your email then find Cora to culminate your relationship.

Jaal is often found in the Tempest Tech Lab, so swing by at every opportunity for a chat.

Ajay is tasked with kidnapping Anita, the only daughter of India's Home Minister, Bhagwat Saxena, in exchange for the safe return of Neha.

Anita is under strict security in New Zealand under ...

Speak again on the Tempest to make a choice about your relationship, then complete her Loyalty Mission which leads to the option to commit.

If you committed, then head to the Pathfinder's quarters after Mission 5: Journey To Meridian to further advance your relationship.

Once that and Mission 4: Hunting The Archon are done, you'll receive an email directing you to Kadara - here you will have the option to kiss, and commit to Vetra.

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