Dating in the office

Be extremely cautious, especially if you are in a position of power over the person in which you are interested.

Don't even joke about it, for example by saying you won't take no for an answer.

Even after you are dating, make sure your feelings remain mutual.

That doesn't mean you should go public with your new relationship at work. With social networking sites and tv reality shows encouraging us to let the world witness our most personal moments, discretion has become a dying art.

When you are having a workplace romance, it is much more prudent to keep it private than flaunting it in front of your coworkers.

Common sense tells you to avoid an office romance like the plague.

It may reflect poorly on both of you, and you know it will be awkward if things don't work out.

Those relationships are sometimes quite intimate, even when they aren't romantic.

That in itself can be problematic, but when those friendships grow into romances, watch out!

Your partner should not feel pressure of any kind to stay in the relationship.

Sexual harassment suits are unpleasant for everyone involved.

Next, consider whether your employer frowns upon office romances.

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