Dating getting him back

In short, the general rule is as follows: If your ex isn't at the point where he truly misses and needs to see you again, you definitely shouldn't be sleeping with him.

The answer to this question is a resounding NO, simply because you still love him.

Some guys who know their ex girlfriends are still hung up on them will use the vague promise of getting back together as a way to negotiate one last fling.

There's no civil way to end such an arrangement, so it always blows up in someone's face.

In the end, you don't want to be friends with your ex... The path to reconciliation never leads through friendship, and in fact being friends with your ex boyfriend can totally hinder your efforts at getting him back.

For example, having sex with your exboyfriend in the false hopes that it will somehow make him fall back in love with you can easily end in vengeful disappointment. Strongarm tactics or outright seduction may allow you a powerful hold over your ex boyfriend's attention, but understand that his attention is just temporary.

The second the sex is over, your ex will beat a hasty retreat... By the same token, don't let an ex boyfriend blackmail you into having sex with him.

In a very short time, one of you will get emotionally attached to the other.

From there, one or both of you will start dating someone else... Either you'll get a new boyfriend and have to put a stop to things, or you'll continue secretly seeing your ex while effectively cheating on your new man. Your ex gets a new girlfriend, and suddenly he's not around anymore.

There are good and bad aspects of sleeping with an ex.

Cementing old feelings can be a big asset when it comes to getting back together as a couple, but mistimed sex or sex for the wrong reasons (or with the wrong expectations) can cause anger, bitterness, jealousy, and the feeling of being used.

Yet while all of that is true, having sex with an ex can also bring the two of you back to that intimately physical level shared only by lovers.

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