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Provided guidance and direction to analyst preparing similar products.Maintained one of the highest production reporting rates for my section.

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Dating fostoria glass

MASINT, IMINT, OSINT, HSIN FBI, FBI SIGINT, "L/3 Communications" SIGINT, "Knowledge Consulting Group" SIGINT, "Mc Donald Bradley" SIGINT, "MITRE Corporation" SIGINT, "Mac Aulay/Brown" SIGINT, "Koniag Technology Solutions", "Knowledge Consulting Group", ISR SIGINT Hours worked (weekly) - 40 CMX Technologies (Contractor, Senior Analyst) Researched and analyzed known or suspected terrorist (KST) subjects detained by Coalition Forces in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Queried multi-source/open source databases for biographic and derogatory information linking subjects to acts of terrorism.

Thirteen years of experience as an intelligence specialist with extensive all-source analytical experience supporting the intelligence collection cycle, targeting, multi-level dissemination of intelligence/high level threat products, reports writing/editing, liaison and providing operational support. Army, Department of State and other Intelligence Community agencies, including volunteering with local law enforcement in Virginia.

Experience working issues such as biometrics, collection challenges in relation to emerging technologies, foreign intelligence services/non-state actors, ISR integration, insider threats/high visibility attacks, political/military analysis, information sharing/protection, physical security, and data management. ADDITIONAL QUALIFICATIONS: - Professionally fluent in Spanish TOOLS, DATABASES & SOFTWARE: HOTR; Analyst Notebook; Palantir; TED; HARMONY; TIDE; BI2R; AIMS; NCIC; Pathfinder; M3; QT; DCGS-A; Web TAS; Web Pass; CIDNE; CEXC; ARTEMIS; TAC; WIRE; WISE-ISM; H; SOCRATES; PROTON; HSIN; Lexis Nexis; Accurint LE; Dun & Bradstreet; social media tools on U. Government systems; mapping tools (Google Earth, TIGR, others); security monitoring suites (VSOC); Lotus Notes and Microsoft Office applications (Excel, Power Point, Word, Access, Share Point).

Integrated graphics using Adobe Photoshop and Macromedia Free Hand.

• Provided the capability for individuals and companies to donate to this non-profit organization via Paypal links on the website.Developed Force Protection Intelligence Program for the 107th Airlift wing; working with AFOSI and Wing Anti-Terrorism Officer to create a base vulnerability assessment SPECIALIZED TRAINING, AWARDS, AFOSI, tactical, tactics, training, manual, OLYMPIC TITAN, GLASS TITAN, BUCCANEER TITAN, MISREP, report writing, briefing/debriefing skills, collaboration, Intelligence Cycle, Operating Systems, Jabber, Ski Web, ROME, Intellipedia, M3, Analyst Notebook, Palantir, m IRC, STU, VOIP), Falcon View, Google Earth, Share Point, JWICS, SIPRnet • Created and Maintained company website. Utilized Microsoft Frontpage, Macromedia Dreamweaver and Microsoft notepad to write code.• Integrated Flash presentation elements to webpage using Macromedia Flash.Also provided network, desktop and proprietary software support for customers.• Traveled to customer locations in MD and NY to install Lightningcast software on customer servers.Monitored message traffic for situation awareness in relation to product criteria.

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