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It was also found that "[t]hose who disclosed the rape did not differ significantly from those who did not disclose on fear of intimacy or the attachment measures, although the differences were in the predicted direction".They also found that the challenge of trying to help these women "are magnified when working with battered women because of the betrayal of trust they have experienced within interpersonal relationships".

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Our past experiences have programmed us to associate loving and being loved with unpleasant experiences and especially with feelings of vulnerability.

For these and other reasons, we have developed fears and subconscious resistance concerning getting very close to another, opening our hearts and exposing our needs, fears and feelings. We feel vulnerable and are afraid of being hurt if we are open and loving and thus prefer to keep an emotional distance.

We all cope with fear in different ways, and theses songs may offer a new perspective for you.

Reba Mc Entire might be best known to some as a television actress, but her best talent is definitely her singing.

Fear of intimacy has three defining features: content which represents the ability to communicate personal information, emotional valence which refers to the feelings about personal information exchanged, and vulnerability signifying their regard for the person they are intimate with.

Bartholomew and Horowitz go further and determine four different adult attachment types: "(1) Secure individuals have a sense of worthiness or lovability and are comfortable with intimacy and autonomy; (2) preoccupied persons lack this sense of self-worthiness yet view others positively and seek their love and acceptance; (3) fearful people lack a sense of lovability and are avoidant of others in anticipation of rejection; (4) dismissing persons feel worthy of love yet detach from others whom they generally regard as untrustworthy".

The results of this study showed that "the rape survivors differed from the controls in reporting higher fear of intimacy…

[suggesting] that the experience of rape is related to women's discomfort in close relationships".

Whether it’s about the fear of dying, the fear of a new relationship, or the fear of being alone, these country songs about being afraid are both powerful and thought-provoking.

We’ve collected the best, including songs from Reba Mc Entire, Rascal Flatts, Travis Tritt and more.

Fear of intimacy is generally a social phobia and anxiety disorder resulting in difficulty forming close relationships with another person.

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