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Basically I have nothing of substance to add, it is just a rant about annoying tv add.?

I have had a lot (too much) experience of being a single woman in Ireland.

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They are extremely unorganised and not a bit helpful or nice. Hope this is helpful to people thinking about joining. Could never afford those Fee-paying Dating Agencies anyway, but even if there was something whereby they match you up and then you go out on your own dates and if something good comes out of any of those dates then I think I'd be willing to give them a small fee but only afterwards and if it's proven that it works! I just put up the post so that no other person tried to join the matchmaking company.

Unfortunately can't get money back but trying help others not fall into the same trap as I did.

They do come across very professional when you first speak to them.

hi, I think it is a shame that we cannot name the dating agencies.

I would just like to meet a normal decent farmer in the leinster area...i totally understand that we may not have chemistry when i meet so my expectation is low but honestly it is hard to meet anyone these days!!

anyhow message - fellow board members - stay away from dating agencies which give great sale pitches and no follow up at all, not customer focused.

They said that men want younger women and can get them and it isn't unusual for a man in his 50s to end up with a woman in her 30s.

Men in the city have no problem meeting women if they make the effort but it's easier for men in the country than it was before.

They interviewed me for an hour on my likes and dislikes, my personality, jobs etc.

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