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", he works in his father's office at Grace, Sloane, and Page.He is presumably being groomed to take over the family business.He has a younger sister, Elsie, with whom he appears to have a hostile relationship.

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Unlike Daria (and more like Jane), he is more open and friendly to new experiences and people.

Tom is quite adaptable to new situations, able to quickly work out solutions to problems ("A Tree Grows in Lawndale"), and to social groups.

However, he is not only gleefully going to attend the pompous, Ivy League school known as Bromwell, he never shows any concern that he might not get in (though he has got safety colleges) and is shown having and using Bromwell contacts & influence through his family, though he shrugs that off when Daria points it out.

He also uses his family's influence to get Daria into Bromwell as well, which (despite being a helpful act on his part) irked Daria.

") His interest in this wealth and power varies considerably.

Tom's initial car is a Ford Pinto, considered to be among the more dangerous cars ever made.He has certain characteristics in common with Daria: he is intelligent, well-read, and cynical, and he is not afraid to show it.He also shares an interest in older and more artistic films, such as Federico Fellini ("Fire!His clothes generally look cheap: he's 'dressing down'.Tom has also stated repeatedly that he finds the social gatherings of his social class to be deathly dull, as well as the family get-together's at "the cove" where his Aunt Mildred has a summer home."), the works of Luis Buñuel, and The Third Man (he has posters of The Third Man and an iconic [Un Chien Andalou shot in his bedroom).

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