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The reported in 2014 that “mixed black-African and white children are particularly common in working-class suburbs and commuter towns such as Croydon and Southend-on-Sea, possibly because black Africans are rarely tied to city centres through social-housing tenancies.” Further suggesting that housing and immediate cultural factors are important in the behavior of lower-class White women, it is interesting to note that Black men have also reproduced to a significant degree with White immigrants from continental Europe.

The notes that “most of the 21,000 children born to Polish mothers in 2012 had Polish fathers; but of the rest, 23% had African or Asian fathers.” Remarkably then, almost one in four “Polish” births in Britain involve a Black or Indian/Pakistani father.

The report explains: “On no other country on earth is my story even possible,” said Barack Obama, a product of Kenya and Kansas, as he burst onto the US political scene in 2004. Mixed marriages are more likely in Britain, where the dynamics of mixing are different too, and accelerate faster in Britain.

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By contrast, those of mixed race in Britain marry heavily into the White majority.

We might therefore state that while America currently has the more pressing demographic concern in terms of the White share of the population, miscegenation may be considered a greater concern in Britain.

In an age before Cultural Marxism took hold in academia, Herbert Spencer Jennings, the Harvard professor of experimental biology, was able to advocate the idea that the mixing of two different but genetically similar ethnic groups (e.g.

the Celt and the Saxon) would produce very strong offspring, but the mixing of two very diverse groups would mean “a lowering of quality” — a distance theory of hybridity.

This is crucial because those at the bottom of the socio-economic ladder, rather than the middle classes, are a key driver of national fertility.

The same phenomenon is of course also apparent in the United States, where author and demographic expert Jonathan Last observes in : “The bearing and raising of children has largely become the province of the lower classes.

These are of course far more likely to be Black fathers given that ‘British Asians,’ the term used mainly for Muslims from the Indian subcontinent, are the population most reluctant to engage in the production of mixed-race children, the main reasons being, in the politically correct terminology of British Future, “parental resistance to mixing, influencing marriage choices across either faith or ethnic boundaries; or more limited contact between some minority groups and others.” For this explanation one may simply substitute “Islamic cultural practices.” Another study found that “British Asians are five times less likely to marry outside their race than their white population.” Interestingly, British Jews also demonstrate a relatively low rate of intermarriage, roughly half that seen among Jews in the United States.

The future of Britain, should present trends continue, will therefore be that of a mixed-race population, punctuated, and perhaps dominated, by endogamous Muslim and Jewish communities.

This is the age of the ‘human resources’ department, and the predisposition of individuals and governments to encounter human beings in a technocratic way.

In today’s environment, the best ‘human resource’ is the man or woman most flexibly able to deal with shifts in the marketplace (able to cross borders and move where the jobs are), capable of existing among pluralities of cultures (loyal to none, and open to all), and content with changes in social norms.

It included a three-part documentary titled Mixed Britannia, praising the ‘tolerant values’ of the British and presenting an image of miscegenation stripped of its statistical realities.

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