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In second place was Living Corpse and in third, , which he called "the greatest science-fiction virus zombie manga ever".

Artist has made several works of video art involving zombies, and exhibited them in her 2006 show, "Horror Make-Up," which debuted on 8 September 2006 at Art Moving Projects, a gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

It contains the full Healing Codes Manual as above, internet viewable Introductory videos in lieu of a DVD, a PDF of portable Codes for you to use when you are on the go, an FAQ section and a PDF of Helpful Hints for doing the Healing Codes.

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The stories usually follow a single group of survivors, caught up in the sudden rush of the crisis.

The narrative generally progresses from the onset of the zombie plague, then initial attempts to seek the aid of authorities, the failure of those authorities, through to the sudden catastrophic collapse of all large-scale organization and the characters' subsequent attempts to survive on their own.

Modern depictions of zombies do not necessarily involve magic but often invoke methods such as , , mental diseases, , , scientific accidents, etc.

The gives the origin of the word as West African, and compares it to the words nzambi (god) and zumbi ().

On 17 October 2011, in the United States published an article, "How To Weather the Zombie Apocalypse", that included a fictional interview with a Director of Research at the CDD, the "Center for Disease Development".

Many companies from around the world have also put strong focus on creating products geared towards the "zombie" culture.

Such stories are often squarely focused on the way their characters react to such an extreme catastrophe, and how their personalities are changed by the stress, often acting on more primal motivations (fear, self-preservation) than they would display in normal life.

There has been a growth in the number of zombie in the last decade, and in a list of "10 Great Zombie Manga", 's Jason Thompson placed at number 1, considering it "probably the greatest zombie manga ever".

Zombies are a popular theme for video games, particularly of, but not limited to, the , , and genres.

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