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What I mean by that statement is that designer houses Like Burberry and Prada usually push out clean and or fresh fragrances. Gets compliments(though once, got a "Eww, no thank you." when I offered someone a spritz and they saw the bottle."...though their friend and I still sprayed i, lol. Morons must be putting in their two cents on this site. It smells more like expensive soap with a little bit of boozeyness to it. What Burberry London is, is a very good, if far from transcendant tobacco-leather that's available at an even better price point.

But, this bad boy is an exception from the house of Burberry. I guarantee you that people will be wearing this in 20 years and this will still smell modern. I am glad reviewers below are getting away from the “Christmas in a bottle” label that has been slapped on this one. It's mostly a skin scent, unless you keep spraying. For me, if it evokes anything, it's the dimly lit study of a distinguished gentleman in his smoking jacket.

On my skin, it gives off a strong smell of pastry too sweet for a 45 year old man. I recognized the smell, but there was this overwhelming sour "aftertaste".

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Burberry London for Men navigates the area between clean and warm in the very best way. A great and very classy gentleman's mix of cinnamon, tobacco and liquor.

I can't imagine anyone not liking it, even if they find it a little on the boring side. Smooth, rich, a little sweet and fruity and wears perfectly in the winter like a soft wooly sweater.

Released: 2006 Perfumer/Nose: Antoine Maisondieu (1) Bottle size in use: 50 ml.

(1) Batch Code: AJ7EM7AL = 2017 To me this is a special scent that is for a specific occasion, the holidays.

It’s ironic that this quite versatile fragrance has been pigeonholed as something to be worn once a year, like some ugly sweater. If you are a Christmas and Thanksgiving only London wearer, break it out and enjoy this gem more often. Let Burberry London be inescapable for four weeks of the year.

Longevity is just about perfect for an evening out. I love the cutted grass moment in it, i guess is comming from Mimosa. Still sweet, but a little less so with more quality ingredients. It'll be great evening wear for me the rest of the year.

It's like a spring walk in nearby park and after that it takes over tobacco and cinnamon notes, making a very warm and cuddly aura. Wow this is really good, the cinnamon, leather, and tobacco play each other up so well.

I don't find Christmay at all, but more like Spring Walk with a warm Hug! agree that it is less Christmas in a bottle and more expensive soap. Like Miss Molly mentions, it's warm yet fresh at the same time. It's almost clean smelling, but not in a soapy way. Need to buy my boyfriend a full bottle as soon as possible.

And also there's a dash of port wine in the mix as well, which is also typically served with the dessert. Performance is average but silage is great for the first few hours.

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