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It was not until a year later that a full investigation was launched.

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On this occasion there was a police investigation and a file of evidence was sent to the CPS, which decided not to authorise a charge.'The CPS advice was therefore based very considerably on consent by (the girl) although given that she had also been physically assaulted, sustaining injuries, the issue of consent could not have been an issue in relation to this allegation.'The CPS independent management review further notes that the CPS focus appeared to be in looking for failings in the prosecution case rather than considering the weaknesses in the case for the defence.'It is indicative of the approach taken that in assessing the evidential criteria the lawyer noted, 'The aggrieved is a young lady who is known for going with men and in particular Asians in this type of situation'.'The report said that although a detective chief inspector from Rochdale did subsequently write in general terms to the CPS with concerns, no formal appeal was made by the police against the CPS decision, as they were entitled to do.

Co-defendants: Abdul Qayyum (left), 43, and Mohammed Amin (right) 45, were both jailed for five years for their part in the grooming.

In 2009 one victim, known as ‘Suzie’, made a detailed complaint about the attacks.

Arrests were made but the case was dropped by state prosecutors.

However, this issue is a longstanding and complex challenge for the police which like any organisational cultural change will require persistence and objective review in the long term.'That was despite more than 100 reports of abuse from the victims, health workers and elsewhere linked to men working in taxi and takeaway businesses dating back to 2004, and involving children as young as ten.

Instead the girls were treated as their attackers treated them, ‘like prostitutes’.

Last night Mr Danczuk said it was clear that all the agencies dealing with children in care had failed.

Seven people have been arrested in early raids in Rochdale and Oldham and are now being questioned by police on suspicion of conspiracy to commit sexual acts with a child, one of the seven is a 16-year-old boy He said: ‘This report shows that policies, culture and attitudes within many agencies were actively unhelpful when dealing with victims of child abuse and that’s why we have to see a very different approach.

Her family reported to police that she had been raped, but there was no evidence of any investigation of this allegation at the time and in the words of the police's independent management review: 'The fact that she was alive and had returned home appears to have been sufficient for police purposes to treat the incident as having been concluded.'The report said an officer from the police's public protection unit who visited the family was reassured by family members that they were just friendly with a group of 'Asian' males, 'which given the age difference and the concerns of their mother should have triggered a much more inquisitive mindset'.

Less than a fortnight later the police were contacted by the girl's mother reporting her as having been driven off by three adult males and found later in a distressed state.

Just as social workers failed to protect the victims from the rapists preying on them, so the police failed for years to grasp the nettle and launch a serious investigation.

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