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When Mario faces him on top of the Big Windmill, Petey Piranha's enormous weight makes the windmill's roof collapse, causing Mario and him to fall into the windmill. D., causing his stomach to become filled with water and making him fall to the ground.Inside, Petey Piranha attacks Mario by spitting Goop at him, and also headbutting him if he comes too close. Mario then Ground Pounds Petey Piranha's belly three times, causing him to dissolve into Goop and give Mario a Shine Sprite.The player requires the Super Star from the Roulette Block.

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If Mario speaks to the Pianta standing at the windmill, he responds to the fact that he is skipping ahead, asking, "Whuzzah!? Isn't there something else you should do before coming here?

" Petey Piranha's second appearance cannot be fought prior to Episode 5, however.

On the ground, Petey Piranha not only attacks by spitting Goop, but also by unleashing Tornadoes.

After being defeated, Petey Piranha once again dissolves into Goop and is not seen for the remainder of the game.

In this game, he is an unlockable character, obtainable by completing all side games (excluding the Birdie Challenge) on beginner, intermediate, and expert.

His large size makes him the most powerful golfer in the game, capable of hitting the longest distance and launching the ball with a higher trajectory than any other character.However, just as he is about to spray Goop, Mario shoots water into his mouth with F. Petey Piranha survives and appears once again in Petey Piranha Strikes Back, where he is snoozing on a cliff high above Bianco Hills.After Mario wakes him by blasting him with a Poink, Petey Piranha uses his enormous arms to fly and launches an attack from the sky.However, he cannot stay airborne for very long without having to struggle to stay in the sky.Mario uses this against him and sprays water or shoots Poinks at him, both of which cause him to fall to the ground.He also consistently appears in sports games and spin-offs, and even featured as a playable character in several sports games.

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