Adult dating in rosedale tennessee

Well in his case it wasn't a bald spot in the grass, but read this cutie pie of a book, and you can certainly get the picture.Two Dogs Plus Being a longtime dog owner/lover, any book involving dogs catches my eye.

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What was he trying to tell July with his last breath?

The gossip mill is in high gear in the small town of Rosedale, and July is the sister of Mae, a dog breeder and kennel owner who happens to be dating the sheriff, Ben Bradley.

After listening to the article, Lyn said “that sound like the beginning of a book I’d like to read.” Their protagonist, Mae December, was born in that instant.

After Lyn went back to Michigan, the two women took turns writing chapters and emailing them back and forth.

I could relate to the inclusion of those small day to day details of the characters' lives, from dealing with pets to sibling relationships.

I sympathized with "Sheriff Ben" and his frustrations in trying to solve those "two sleeping dogs" -- including the fact that his sweetie, Mae, took"Two Dogs Lie Sleeping", which was one of my wins from the Goodreads Giveaway, was a fun, rather light-hearted caper! This story provided a pleasant break from high-tension dramas.Dawn marketed the book for a year before finding them a publisher and getting them a three book deal with Camel Press.Then came more rewrites and edits, as well as writing the second book in the Mae December Mystery series.Not just any man, but Tom Ferris, the love of her life, who she hasn't seen since he disappeared with no expla It's early August in Rosedale, Tennessee, and July December Powell is alone at the historic Booth Mansion, putting the finishing touches on the Showhouse room she designed for tomorrow's grand opening.Not just any man, but Tom Ferris, the love of her life, who she hasn't seen since he disappeared with no explanation some fifteen years earlier. What drove him away in the first place and made him stay away, even after his parents were killed in a car accident?This is a fun read about Miss Mae December and her boyfriend Sheriff Ben Bradley. Tommy abruptly left town 15 years ago without an explanation.

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